The SEPEA study: developing effective mental health service provision in diverse, rural areas

The SEPEA study is an epidemiological study of schizophrenia and other psychoses in East Anglia. The study has been set up to investigate social factors associated with psychotic disorders in diverse, rural populations where currently little is known. This study hopes to improve our understanding of psychotic disoders in rural communities in order to provide better services for them.

The Principal Investigator of the SEPEA study is Dr James Kirkbride, based in the University Department of Psychiatry. We are pleased to collaborate with our clinical partners in early intervention services throughout East Anglia, who will provide the study with epidemiological data from people presenting to services with a potential first episode of psychotic disorder. This information will be used to answer the objectives of the SEPEA study.

The SEPEA study is now involved in a large, European study of gene-environment interactions known as EU-GEI. To find out more, click here!


  • 12-01-12: The first, interim results from the SEPEA study will be published in February 2012's edition of the British Journal of Psychiatry. Our early results suggest that the incidence of psychotic disorders seen by Early Intervention in Psychosis Services [EIS], the main contact point for young people in the first episode of psychosis, is up to three times higher than originally envisaged when such services were first commissioned in 2002. A copy of our report is freely available here: PDF.
  • 29-07-11: First results in press: We're delighted to announce that the first, interim results from the SEPEA study have been accepted for publication in the British Journal of Psychiatry. The interim results reveal the number of young people who develop psychosis for the first time and come to the attention of early intervention in psychosis services [EIS] is up to three times higher than expected when such services were first commissioned in the UK in 2002. We will publish the full report here in due course.
  • 10-02-11: First analyses complete, available soon! We have just completed the first analysis of interim data from the first year of the SEPEA study. This data has been provided to services to help them plan more effectively. Results will be made available to the public here soon!
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